Rather than using the traditional stoppers to close the door, another way that is increasing its popularity is the magnetic door stopper. The main benefit of the door stop is that it can even hold the door firmly in heavy wind. It does not release the door even after pulled with small force. The door stop protects the door from slamming at the wall. Wintech is the chief manufacturer of the magnetic door stoppers that are prepared in the top machines. We are the most trusted name in the market for providing these stoppers in all over the world. Each of the stoppers is made using high grade of raw material that makes it stiff and strong. The professionals at our industry develop the design as per the standards specified by the industry norms. The magnetic door stoppers are literally the simplest devices which are used for controlling and stopping the motion of the door. There are various traditional and modern designs that are used in making the door stopper depending on the use. We provide completely reliable models of the magnetic door stopper in a timely manner and economical price range that suits the budget of the client.

We are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of magnetic door stopper and pvc magnetic door stopper in Ahmedabad, India. We offering magnetic door stopper, magnetic door stopper india, magnetic door stopper no drill, magnetic door stop exterior, Electro magnetic door stopper, magnetic door stop floor, magnetic door stop fitting, folding magnetic door stopper, magnetic glass door stopper, magnetic door stop holders, magnetic door stop industrial and modern magnetic door stopper.

Technical Specifications

Magnet system Movable spring system
Plastic material High grade ABS standard quality
Stopper base height 61- 63 mm
Door holder height 13mm
Diameter 65mm
Size (square shape model) 46mm
Colours White, Silver, Ivory, Brown

*Note: The dimensions can be varied on client request and requirement.

Furniture Magnetic Door Stopper

The furniture magnetic door stopper is prepared as per the latest style of the furniture that is used in the house and other commercial and industrial locations. We are the top manufacturer of an excellent range of stoppers specially designed according to the requirement. The magnetic door stopper is designed as per the industry specified norms. We have fabricated a wide range of designs in the furniture magnetic door stopper that are available in various colour, shape and size. Each of the models is made such that they can easily suit the location where they are to be used. The location of the stopper will depend on the wish of the client. Some of the door stopper is fixed on the wall and in some locations it is attached to the floor that is the limit to which the door has to be opened. This kind of furniture magnetic door stopper is specially designed to make them the best match for use in homes, hotels, malls, etc. The customers can easily get their suitable in great price deal and on time delivery of the product at their location.

Push Magnetic Door Stopper

The push magnetic door stopper has the same mechanism as the push magnet door catcher / catches. In this there a magnet attached at the top of the holder which holds the door firmly. The door remains joined to the holder till it is pressed. By pressing the door it gets released from the holder and can be closed or opened. The push magnetic door stopper has a great magnetic strength which makes them the appropriate match with the application area having big and heavy doors. It is designed in various styles and shapes, making it suitable for use in every location. In addition to the standard model the client can also ask for the modification and customization in the model that they want. There are various shapes available in the model of magnetic door stopper and are readily available in three colours: white, silver, ivory and brown. We provide both the models for wall mounting and floor mounting so that the customer can easily fix the stopper wherever they like. Each model is well tested and verified under several norms and only after fulfilling the necessary conditions. The client can avail their required model at very compatible price range.

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