A magnetic door holder is an equipment installation which utilizes a magnet to hold a door in an open or closed manner. These holders can be used in an extensive variety of locations and are specially designed for some special type of doors. The magnetic door holder is designed to hold the door properly and making it easy for the person to enter or go out of the room. The material we use in the manufacturing of the holders is procured from the top notch retailer in the market, having a great reputation as a supplier of these raw materials. They enable keeping the door in the open or closed condition easily. They have great attractive design, strong body and durability which make them famous in the market of India and also international countries. As a manufacturer, we make sure that the magnetic door holder, we offer have great quality and suit the area of the application and match the colour combination which is required in the location.

High Quality Magnetic Door Holders

We are the most widely recognized names in the industry involved in the manufacturing top grade and high quality magnetic door holders. These holders can be availed from us in a number of shape, size, colour and the magnetic power in the holder. These holders are required in various industries to catch the door properly for a constant long interval of time. The magnetic door holders are made using top grade of materials procured from the top class materials which improves the quality and durability of the holders. They help to solve the problem to constantly hold the door in open or closed position. The customer can buy the most suitable product from us in very competitive price range as per the model and specifications they have ordered. We provide an exclusive range of high quality magnetic door holders to completely satisfy the needs of the customer and are highly trustworthy compared to the products offered by other competitors.


Furniture Magnetic Door Holders

The magnetic door holders are prepared in various specifications and colours to suit the application area in the furniture of the house. They can easily hold the door in closed and open state avoiding it from smashing it on the wall. The furniture magnetic door holder is considered an essential element in the fitting of the doors and preventing the door from opening and closing too wide. This element is provided in various shape and size and colour as per the design of the furniture. It is a very useful element that protects the wall and other furniture from the damage caused because of the constant opening and closing of the doors. The client can select from a wide array of holders having different magnetic strength as per the requirement of the door to hold it and avail the selected model at a very economical price range.


SS Magnetic Door Holders

Magnetic Door holders are typically used to hold the door in a closed or open position for easy passing through the door. Wintech Plastic Industries is the leading manufacturer of the SS magnetic door holder, providing our products across India and even in the International countries like Africa, Australia and Dubai. The door holders are damage proof as they are prepared from premium quality of stainless steel material. Their material is composed of various alloy elements that improve the corrosion resistance property of the SS. The client can avail the required model in the type of specifications that suit their requirement. We provide them with optimum quality and design of the model which they can procure from us at best rates. In addition to the standard model we also provide modification in the standard model to suit their requirements.


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