The most common door catching equipment is the magnetic door catches and latches. There is a small difference between the catches and latch which is their structure and working. The catch is a simple strip of magnet that holds the door or window in a constantly open or close condition. The latches are constructed of more than 2 pieces. One is the magnet and another is the one mounted on the door. The magnetic door catches and latches we manufacture are highly appreciated in the domestic and international market for their extraordinary quality standards. The products that we offer to our customers are well tested and verified under the quality check parameters. We utilize high grade of plastic material to develop them and make sure that they are strong, tough and long lasting. There are various designs in the magnetic door latches (catches) that we provide so as to satisfy the customer to the fullest. Each model is well tested and prepared in accordance to the industrial norms to make them suitable of the application areas perfectly.

Closet Door Magnetic Catches

Closets are highly utilized in house as well in industries and other commercial areas. In order to close them instead of using stoppers people are moving toward using door magnets. We are the leading manufacturer of the closet door magnets and magnetic latches that are highly suitable for closets. The closet door magnets provide a complete and secure closure for the door of the cabinet. These magnetic catches (latches) for closet are also utilized in the cabinet door and can be prepared in a number of specifications depending on the range of application. We supply them in all over the states of India and also provide them in other countries. The magnets for the closet and cabinet door works great in keeping the door closed and avoiding it from opening again and again.

Double Door Magnetic Catches

The double door magnetic catches are highly recommended in the location where two adjacent doors are to be kept in the open or closed state. The most common type of double door magnetic catch is having a push mechanism which holds the door when it is attached and when pushed again it releases the door allowing it to open. As a manufacturer we have developed a wide assortment of double door magnetic catches that vary in the size, specification and strength of the magnet. We provide great choice to the customer so that they can select the one that completely matches their requirements. In addition to the standard specifications we also provide customization in the model to suit their needs. The magnets we use have everlasting magnetic strength which makes them the first choice of the customer for their double door closed or cupboards.

Unique & Antique Magnetic Door Catches

Get an excellent range of unique and antique magnetic door catches that increases the looks of your application area. The design of the unique magnetic door catches is prepared by the highly experienced team of professionals that develop the designs according to the ongoing trend. Other than the unique catchers we also manufacture antique magnetic door catches which are designed as per the ancient times that give it a historic look. These ranges of antique and unique magnetic door catches are highly appreciated in the market for the attractive looks they give to the door. Mainly these types of antique designs are used in the hotels and houses that give them completely unique appearance. The client can select the most suitable model as per their need and can avail them from us at leading prices and get completely on time delivery of the door catches.

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