The range of magnetic door catcher is used for keeping the door in the closed state and prevents it from colliding with the wall. They are made using the top grade of raw materials and metals procured from the best retailers in the market. They improve the functionality of the furniture and come in various strengths of the magnet. The make holding the doors in a constant position like close or opened. The specifications of the magnetic door catcher are kept in accordance to the standards set by the domestic and international market. Our offered range of catcher and latches are availed in a variety of shape, size, dimensions and other such specifications from which the customer can choose from. The magnetic door catcher comes in various types like double magnetic door catcher, high quality, small magnetic, SS magnetic and a push magnetic door catcher. We are the manufacturer of a wide range of magnetic door catcher from Gujarat, India supplying our products in all the countries of the world.

High Quality Magnetic Door Catcher

When it comes to quality, Wintech Plastic Industries is considered the leader in the market for providing high quality door catcher (catches/ latches) to the customer in all over the world. Our every product is tested under rigorous quality check parameters to make them flawless. The size and strength of the magnet in the catcher depend on the area of application and the requirement of the client so that it can hold the door properly, avoiding any kind of damage to the wall or injury to the person entering or leaving through the door. These catches are used in various application areas like door, drawer, show case, kitchen, etc. We stand ahead of all other dealers in the market when it’s the matter of providing high quality and precise dimension door catcher. We even provide colour options in catcher that suits the furniture.

Double Magnetic Door Catcher

We provide an extensive range of double magnetic door catcher that is used in a number of application areas like cabinet door, cupboards, kitchen, etc. The best thing about this type of catcher is that it firmly holds the door in closed position constantly and will release it after pressing it lightly. They are offered in a number of different specifications and magnetic strength as per the requirement of the client. We provide various colour options to the customer so that they can get the exact match to their needs. The product is tested under various quality check parameters defined by the domestic and international industries so they can meet their conditions. We present them to the customer in a completely reasonable price range and provide on time delivery of the product in the quantity they have ordered.

Small Magnetic Door Catcher

Wintech Plastic Industries brings to you an excellent range of door catcher having small magnets. This array of small magnetic door catcher is highly preferred in various application areas like shelves, kitchen cabinets, etc.  Our high quality range of magnetic door catcher comes in various specification and magnetic strength which are useful in a number of areas according to the usage. Our products have adequate strength which can be easily mounted on the surface of the doors for proper closure. The clients are offered with various options in the colour of the holder that suits the area of utilization. We keep the price range in the budget of the client and provide them in the standard and customized model of the door holder that completely suits the area of application and requirement.

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