A doorstop also commonly known as door holder is the most commonly device to hold, close or stop the door from opening widely or slamming on the door.

There are a various utilization of the door holder like holding the door in closed or open state, preventing it from slamming on the wall and avoiding it from opening widely in the industries, house and other commercial areas.

The magnetic door holder is a modern type of door stop which uses the magnetic field to hold the door in the required open/close state.

The main parts of the magnetic door holder are:

  • Stand which has a magnet on the top
  • Magnetic strips or plates
  • Receptor to be fixed on the door
  • Metal plates on the receptor

A fire door holder is a special type of holder which uses a magnet to operate the door which releases the door and allows it to close or open the compartment to prevent fire from spreading.

The price of the magnetic door holder depends on the type and the model of the holder that is selected. In addition to this it also varies according to the strength magnetic field provided in it.

There are various reasons that make us the right choice for the door holder. Some of them are:

  • High quality standards
  • Durability
  • Long lasting magnetic field
  • Break proof plastic material
  • Attractive design of holder

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