The door catcher is a special type of mechanical fastener also considered as a device that holds the door in a closed position. We at Wintech plastic industries present a variety of magnetic door catcher and latches that are made using top quality materials which make them preferred in the global market. There is a small difference between the catches and latches which makes them suitable for specific area of application. The door latch is made up of at least two pieces: one is attached to the door jamb and other on the door. Both the parts would slide into each other to lock the door properly. Another type of catcher is the door catches prepared using great quality of raw material. The door catcher is a magnetic strip which is mounted on the door which catches the door and prevents it from opening or bouncing open back if shut forcefully. The catch can be mounted on both inside and outer side of the door. It is mostly attached to the lower part of the door. The main type of door catchers we provide are magnetic door latches, exclusive door catcher, SS magnetic door catcher, magnetic drawer catches, etc. of three brands Mascot, Magneto and Pullone.

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