Magnetic Door Holder

Wintech Plastic Industries was established in the year 1997, and since then we have been engaged in the manufacturing of a wide number of magnetic door catchers, holder, catches (latches) and stopper.

We offer customized solution for the problem of closing or locking the doors in various application areas. Wintech Plastic Industries have become the leading company in the industry dealing with furniture including magnetic door holder and magnetic door catcher. We provide great designs in the models of each developed unit. With thorough understanding, we have gained a complete understanding of the type of holders and catchers that are required in the industry. We work with an aim to provide a range of completely reliable and safe objects to the customers that have great durability.

Wintech Plastic Industries is a highly preferred name in the domestic and international market for providing the top grade of magnetic door holder, catcher, catches (latches) and stopper. We make high quality of magnetic door holders and catchers and even present some exclusive range of designs in the products we offer. The main three brands of the magnetic holder and catcher we manufacture are: Magneto, Mascot and Pullone. We aim in delivering the customer with the best style of products famous for the quality and looks. Our products are rich in colour and quality that can easily match the needs of the customer. We have set high benchmarks in the market for our own selves as well as other companies in the market. Our export market is spread mainly over African countries, Australia and Dubai.

What are Magnetic door holders?

Door holder, also commonly known as the doorstop, is specially designed to hold the door and avoid it to open widely. The magnetic door holder enables to close and open the door whenever required and decide the extent up to which it is to be opened. The holder fixes the door to a specific location and prevents it from opening. It is a thin plank build inside the frame of the door to prevent it from swinging when it is opened or closed. Traditionally the door holder was made from wood, but now-a-days it is also available in various materials like plastic and other metals. The door holders are also made to make the door swing only in one direction and prevent two directional swinging. They are highly used in the industries, commercial and even in general household applications. The shape and size of the door holder depend on the area of application and the type of metallic body required.

Our products

Magnetic Door Holders

Magnetic Door Catcher / Catches (Latches)

Magnetic Door Stopper

Why magnetic door holders?

The magnetic door holders are a hardware element that uses magnets to hold the door. This type of door holder has a magnet attached to its one end and the other end has a metallic tape that attaches to it and holds the door firmly and handles the opening and closing.  The magnetic door holders come in different parts and a range of finishes. There are two main parts in the magnetic door holder: one is the magnet and the other is a fixture. The magnetic part is attached to the wall or the back side of the door while the fixture is located on the side part of the door. When the door opens, it gets connected to the magnet and stays attached to it until the door is pulled to close it. This prevents the door slam on the wall and functions uniformly in any weather and condition. The best thing about this type of door is that even in case of any emergency the door can be easily opened without any problem.

Benefits of Magnetic Door Holder

There are various benefits that are offered by the magnetic door holders which make them famous and highly demanded in the market. The type of material that is used to make the holder adds to the benefits they offer.

  • Easy installation of the magnetic door holder
  • The door remains open till you want
  • Prevents any kind of damage to the wall
  • Long lasting effective working
  • Does not get jam in emergency conditions
  • Keeps the doors open constantly for safe exit
  • Quick opening and closing
  • Less damage than normal holders

Our main 3 Brands that we manufacture and are highly demanded in the market

Magneto Door Holder

Mascot Door Holder

Pullone Door Holder

Our quality

We are the foremost name in the market for providing the highest grade of magnetic door holder, catcher, catches (latches) and stopper. Each of the product is tested under rigorous quality check parameters to ensure their durability and flawless performance. We are even approved by the ISO standard having an ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees the customer that the product is of the best quality. We continuously work on the quality that we provide by improving it with the developing technology. Each of the manufactured products is tested in the controlled conditions and verified by the quality check experts in our company. The manufacturing departments are well equipped with machines embedded with latest technological features.

Why us?

  • High quality magnetic door holder
  • Reliable performance
  • Great and on-time customer service
  • Best products in budget
  • Latest technology utilization
  • Respect the client and their requirements
  • Constant communication with the customer

Our market reach is not constrained to Gujarat, rather is outspread to 250 towns and centers of India that exhibits our prominence in the India. The major towns and cities where we have established a strong niche as an Magnetic Door Holder or Magnetic Door Stopper and Magnetic Door Catches.

Ahmedabad Amreli Rajkot Rajasthan
Kutch Bhuj Surendranagar Gandhidham
Gandhinagar Vadodara Surat Rajkot
Bharuch Valsad Bhavnagar Jamnagar
Mehsana Godhra Junagadh Morbi

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